To produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends Palacio Marqués de Viana, our arbequina, picual & royal olives are collected at the different moments of the early harvest,  supervised by our quality experts who analyze the evolution of our olive trees throughout the year, thanks to Precision Agriculture with the most advanced technology.

Following the techniques of the best Scottish whisky master blenders, our quality expert analyses the tasting notes and aromas of the olives at their different stages of maturity and defines which olive juices will form part of each of the blends: Sublime (black bottle) and El Palacio (white bottle).

By creating blends, we are able to maintain each year the same organoleptic profile of our EVOOs, which is something extremely difficult as olive oil is a natural product. For this reason, the figure of our experts and precision agriculture are fundamental because our olive grove’s needs are different in each harvest due to variations in temperature, rain and other meteorological phenomena that are different every year.

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