The Process

The Process

Our olives are selected and collected at the best momento of ripeness
Selecting the land

Within the groves, we select the areas of land where the olives are of the best quality. These areas may vary from year to year.


We select the olives tree by tree and pick them with an inverted umbrella vibrator to protect the fruit from being bruised.


We transport the olives to the almazara press in less than two hours, in small containers.


We use a double grid mill to press our olives, with reduced speed to keep the paste from heating.


Our malaxation process is done in a refrigerated, hermetically sealed unit with no added water, at a temperature of approximately 21 degrees.


Our separation process is done with a vertical centrifuge. We add no water during this process.


This important step for the subsequent preservation of the oil is done with cellulose plates.


We preserve the oil in stainless steel drums in an inert atmosphere (with nitrogen) at a controlled temperature.


We bottle on demand, injecting nitrogen into the bottles to preserve the taste of our oils.