For over 200 years, the Vañó family has devoted itself to the production of extra virgin olive oil. The superior quality of their EVOOs is the result of a pursuit of excellence throughout the production process, hand in hand with respect for the phenological state of the olives for both the early and autumn harvests.

Madrid, June 2023.- The Palacio Marqués de Viana olive trees – owned by the Vañó family – grow in the heart of the Guadalquivir Valley, surrounded by the Cazorla y Sierra Mágina Nature Park and irrigated by water from the Guadiana Menor River that skirts the farm. These olives are harvested to produce Patio de Viana and Palacio Marqués de Viana extra virgin olive oils. The company’s name
comes from the Palacio del Marqués de Viana in Garcíez (Jaén). This palace, classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest, now belongs to the Vaño family. It is unique when it comes to the history of extra virgin olive oils as the previous owner, José Saavedra, Marquess of Viana, was the driving force behind the first standards of quality to be applied to EVOOs.
The excellent quality of the EVOOs they make is thanks to a pursuit of excellence throughout the production process and by respecting the natural cycle of the fruit of their olive trees: This philosophy is at the root of the originality of their range of extra virgin olive oils; a philosophy that gives pride of place to the olives themselves – regardless of the varietal – as well as a respect for their organoleptic expression during the veraison phase.
Each Patio de Viana and Palacio Marqués de Viana oil is created at a specific moment of the olives’ life cycle, and because their sensory profiles are also very distinct the fruits are harvested at different times.

Palacio Marqués de Viana: unique Early Harvest blends

The art of blending – also known as assemblage – is a unique and painstaking process, and one in which Palacio Marqués de Viana transforms the exquisite into the sublime. The first step in making these Early Harvest blends is to select the best olives of each varietal harvested in October. Next, the olive juices are combined following the best techniques of master blenders; those who blend Scotch whiskies. The goal is to achieve a unique organoleptic profile that highlights the best of each of the varietals used. The initial blends were made with Picual, Arbequina and Royal varietals, although for some years now these have been enhanced with others such as Sourani and Zaity, which originated in Syria and are different and even exotic, Don Carlo and Taggiasca from Italy, and Pico Limón and Zarza from Spain.
Blend del Palacio, which comes in a white bottle, is made from our Arbequina, Picual and Royal olives that are harvested only on the first day of the harvest: The results are bold EVOOs with personality yet also harmonious and elegant. Thanks to their balanced combination of flavours and aromas of tomato, mint, freshly cut grass, green wheat, apple, green banana and kiwi, it is the perfect oil for those seeking strong emphatic flavours that stand out in their dishes.
Blend Sublime, which comes in a black bottle, is the perfect union of the three early harvest varietals – Picual, Arbequina and Royal – in a single oil. The freshest and most intense notes are highlighted, while its sweetness and delicateness are also enhanced in the aftertaste. This versatile EVOO is elegant and delicate with notes of almond, artichoke, rosemary, apple, banana and quince.


Patio de Viana: Autumn Harvest single varietals
These innovative Autumn Harvest oils accentuate the smoothest and most delicate tasting notes of each varietal. Following the same process and taking the same care as when making the famous Early Harvest range, the results are oils with different sensory descriptors.
Patio de Viana Picual, which comes in an attractive blue bottle, is a bright green EVOO with this varietal’s notes of ripe fruit coming through to the fullest. The main descriptors are ripe tomato, artichoke and grains such as barley. Its harmonious mouthfeel lingers, and it is ideal with meats, oily fish, aged cheeses, smoked foods, charcuterie and dishes made with chocolate.
Patio de Viana Arbequina, which comes in an original orange bottle, is a golden green EVOO that is balanced and velvety, highlighting the delicateness of the Arbequina varietal. Its sweet notes are reminiscent of fruit such as ripe banana,
red apple and almond. This sweet light EVOO is ideal for white fish, desserts, fresh cheeses, ice creams, mayonnaise and sauces.

Regenerative Agriculture and sustainability for over a decade
The Vañó family applies the most respectful environmental practices, such as regenerative agriculture, as well as technological innovation and caring for the ecosystem to create a protected space where Nature and good agronomic practices coexist harmoniously.
This project has earned many certifications that allow the family to go forward and continue their commitment to sustainable growth. Among them are the Integrated Production Certification, the IFS (International Food Standard), the
ISO 9001 certification, the BRC Certification (British Retail Consortium), controlled Water & CO2 Footprint, as well as being part of the SEO BirdLife “OLIVARES VIVOS” project. In addition, they are pioneers of the AENOR Sustainable Crop Production Certification that ensures compliance with specific sustainability parameters. Every link of the production chain is backed by certifications issued by independent bodies, from the production of their EVOOs to the bottling process.

The importance of the cold chain

For the production process, the cold chain of the olives is maintained all the way from the olive grove to the bottling of the EVOOs. The olives are transported to the mill in less than three hours, where they are cold pressed with the most state-of-the-art machinery. The extra virgin olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks in an inert atmosphere and at a controlled temperature. The cold chain is thus maintained throughout the entire process. The oils are bottled exclusively on demand, and all the bottles are flushed with nitrogen to ensure the oils are in tip-top condition when opened.

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