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EVOO’s designed by Master Blenders

To produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil blends Palacio Marqués de Viana, our arbequina, picual & royal olives are collected at the different moments of the early harvest,  supervised by our quality experts who analyze the evolution of our olive trees throughout the year, thanks to Precision Agriculture with the most advanced technology. Following the techniques of the best Scottish…

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Lemon Muffins with The Palace Blend EVOO

INGREDIENTS 3 eggs 200 g. of flour 125 g. of sugar 50 ml. of milk 1 lemon 100 ml. of Palacio Marques de Viana: The Palace Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ yeast packet PREPARATION First, preheat the oven to Fº 302 In a large bowl, beat the eggs with encircling movements, until our dough becomes spongy. Add the sugar…

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