Environmental Measures

Environmental Measures

Our company deeply values the sustainability of our fields and we are committed to supporting the environment by upholding agricultural practices that respect the land thanks to the Precision Agriculture

We use the best technology to optimize water resources, relying upon renewable energy resources such as solar power, creating our own fertilizers by composting olive waste, making use of pruned branches as a clean fuel, encouraging biodiversity as well as recycling, natural pest control techniques, etc.

Our olive grove, sustainability

Our olive grove is located in the Guadalquivir Valley, in the region of Jaen (Andalusia, Spain) where our olive trees grow in a very special place, surrounded by the Cazorla Natural Park and where they are gently watered by 8 kilometres of the river Guadiana Menor which cross their Estate.
Our olive trees grow in a healthy environment of gentle rolling hills with a clay-loam, limestone based soil, at an altitude of approximately 500 meters. As farmers, we preserve the precious tradition of sustainability in our fields, we are a totally sustainable company.

Committed to using respectful farming practices that protect the environment

Here you can see some of our environmental measures:

  • Maximization of our water resources thanks to the most developed technologies
  • Renewable sources such as photovoltaic energy, We have three solar energy production stations
  • Clean fuel; the remains from pruning are sent to a biomass plant to be converted into clean energy.
  • Natural fertilisers produced by ourselves, thanks to our olive cast-off compost,
  • Promotion of biodiversity: an active reforestation plan since 2012 & preservation of birds.
  • Comprehensive Production certificate
  • Collaboration with many Institutions such as National and International Universities & other non-governmental organizations

Our mill

Our mill combines the highest levels of technology, innovation and modern oil extraction systems with the traditional know-how of our technical extraction experts, and environmentally friendly policies.

The project was planned with the sole purpose of covering the complex demands of the extreme quality our oils have. The mill holds the Comprehensive Production Certificate as well as ISO 9001, At the same time Our oils have both BRC and IFS certifications, the Calidad Certificada (Certified Quality Standard) of Andalucía among others.

We have some additional certifications such as EPD (it is a certified environmental declaration based on the international ISO 14025 that informs on the environmental properties of our oils.), the Water Foodprint and the Carbon Foodprint. And our olive groves are Comprehensive Farming Production (API) certified.