• Beef sirloin steak
  • Smoked Eel
  • 8 dough won ton

*For the seasoning:

  • Patio de Viana Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Parsley
  • Capers
  • Burnoise Shallot
  • Tabasco sauce


Preheat the oven with 180 º, cut the daugh won ton in small circles and oven it for 5-6 minutes between baking trays and leave it.

Meanwhile prepare the seasoning, start by choping the ingredients in small pieces and mix them. After that, add the Patio de Viana Picual EVOO little by little like a mayonnaise.

Cut the eel in small dices and leave it with film. Cut the steak, by hand or by machine, add sal and mix it with the seasoning until eveything is completely blended. Keep it on cold.

Mix the eel with the seasoned steak and use a teaspoon to make the individual portions.

To finish, put the content of the teaspoon over the wonton toast. As a final touch, adorn it with 3 leaves of micro mezclum.

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