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Sardine, apple and blue cheese salad

INGREDIENTS 1 apple 1 tomato 1 mezclum bag 1 can of  big sardines Blue cheese Palacio Marqués de Viana El Blend del Palacio EVOO PREPARATION First, cut the apple, the blue cheese and tomato into tiny pieces. Put the mezclum in a bowl and add the previous ingredients. To finish our dish, place some sardines on top and dress generously…

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Orange Halloween with Blend Sublime

On Halloween night we present this recipe delicious and healthy for the most terrifying night of the year. INGREDIENTS 1 Orange 1/4 Mango Cinnamon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend Sublime PREPARATION We’ll cut the orange in a half moon form, and mango in small dices. Place the orange on the plate and spread the mango on top. Finally a little…

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Smoked fish salad with Palacio Marqués de Viana Sublime Blend EVOO

INGREDIENTS Green sprouts  Sliced smoked salmon Sliced smoked cod Nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, cashews… 30g honey 20g Dijon mustard Chives 20ml vinegar Ground black pepper 90ml Palacio Marqués de Viana Sublime Blend EVOO INSTRUCTIONS First prepare the vinaigrette. Mix the mustard, honey, vinegar, pepper, chopped chives, and our Sublime Blend extra-virgin olive oil, which is ideal for this recipe…

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