In our olive grove, we have numerous projects that support and improve the development of biodiversity, especially in the field of birds.

We have developed the LIFE Project “Living Olive Groves”, with the collaboration of SEO-BirdLife, thanks to which we have installed nest boxes in our olive grove, to encourage the refuge and proliferation of bats.

On the other hand, we emphasize the important role of environmental sustainability today, and that is why we have also developed the technique of reintroduction or Hacking technique in our olive grove, to ensure the welfare in this case of owls. This technique consists of introducing owl breeding, which still does not fly alone, in drawers that simulate artificial nests. These young will be fed through a special structure so that they do not relate to or “get used to” human beings. Little by little the young will be leaving the nest and in 10-15 days they will be hunting for themselves and will nest in the future in our farm, and naturally by themselves.

We have also carried out the environmental measure of isolating the wiring of the electrical lines of our farm, to avoid the accidental electrocution of the birds that live on it. This will achieve the protection and preservation of native species.

We decided to carry out this action, since last year the bird population has decreased by 13% in the last decade. That is why we are also carrying out a Precision Agriculture, which is sustainable and compatible with biodiversity. Thanks to the Olivares Vivos – SEO-BirdLife project, we can currently observe up to 50 different species of birds on our farm.

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