We truly believe in sustainability and biodiversity, which are part of our brand philosophy and are essential for the natural development and health of our ecosystem. Therefore, we daily take care of our olive grove and the different species that cohabit, both animals and plants. To this effect, as you know, we have several active projects whose goal is to recover the maximum possible of native species. This is our Reforestation Plan with native species, through which we have planted more than 400 holm oaks, hundreds of cypresses, 300 walnut trees, fruit trees and various aromatic plants during the past 10 years.


The recovery of different tree species allows us to take care, at the same time, of the native fauna. In this sense, we have been able to observe during the last years, abundant wild fauna, such as roebucks, boars’ families, foxes, mountain goats… and particularly numerous birds… more than 40 different bird species fly over our olive grove!


In this regard, we are immersed in a special project for the recovery of birds with the SEOBirdLife, with whom we have installed different bird nests for the first breeding of owls and bats, among others. Moreover, with the same goal, we have installed floating islands in our water ponds that recreate the wetland habitat to provide different bird species the habitat to nest and rise. On the other hand, we have isolated the electricity lines to prevent the eventual electrocution of birds.

To close the life cycle, the farm animals play an important role and enrich our olive grove. In this sense, we have horses, native sheeps, pigs, and even ducks and geeses… that cohabitates in perfect harmony and freedom in our olive grove. In addition, they are essential to our commitment for the use of compost as natural fertilizer.

For an alive, healthy and sustainable olive oil!Last but not least, the installation of bee panels is of vital importance for us. Their adaptation success to the environment after several years shows us that our olive groves are completely free of pesticides and insecticides. They act as bio-indicator.
Moreover, they play a crucial role for the pollination of the new tree species and aromatic plants that we have been planting during the past years.



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