As you know, fully respecting the environment is at the core of our company’s philosophy. This is why the environment and the biodiversity of our olive grove are of vital importance for us to be able to offer oils made from excellent olives, and painstaking care is given to each of the processes involved in the production of our extra virgin olive oils. Therefore, some of the most important day-to-day work – carried out all year round – is that done in our olive grove and which is firmly rooted in R&D&I, not to mention the fact that we take part in projects which protect and promote the native biodiversity of our region.

We use precision agriculture that enables us to know how each and every one of our olives trees is doing at any given moment, allowing us to know their water needs precisely and on a daily basis. Thanks to this drip irrigation system – which we have been using for years, together with the aforementioned technical knowledge we have – only the exact amount of water needed is used, and not a drop of this precious resource is wasted.

We are also sustainable and responsible when it comes to electricity. On the one hand, 3 photovoltaic fields have been set up in our olive grove, which means that we are 100% self-sufficient. On the other, we are also committed to producing clean energy, and this allows us to put pruned branches to good use. We produce about a million kilos of biomass that we send to a local power plant to be converted into clean energy.

We also believe that preserving the ground cover of our olive grove is essential. Firstly, it helps to fix the nutrients in the soil, and secondly, because it avoids the dampness of the soil from evaporating, and is thus another way of reducing the amount of water needed to properly maintain our olive trees. This ground cover – together with our reforestation plan – serves as a protective tool while at the same time stimulates the biodiversity of our olive grove. Thanks to all the practices carried out, our Carbon Footprint is decreasing year on year, as is our Water Footprint.

This way of working, and the strict protocols for action we adhere to, mean that we are consciously committed to protecting our olive grove and, by extension, the planet.

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