Together with the University of Granada and in collaboration with the University of Jaén, we are involved in the CARBOLIVAR project, whose purpose is to understand the olive grove power, in particular,of its vegetal cover, to act as a natural sink, so that it fixes the CO2, direct cause of the greenhouse effect and therefore of global warming.

The project,  launched in 2014, is based on tests taken from a pair of towers installed in our olive grove in two very different plots: one where herbicides have been applied and the other where the natural vegetation of the soil is being allowed to grow freely. The towers, equipped with high precision instruments, are capable of constantly measuring the presence of these gases and the evolution in both differentiated plots.


We are still immersed in this interesting project, and the results are very positive in accordance with the sustainable and chemical-free agriculture that we already applied in our olive grove. It is being demonstrated how the vegetal cover is indeed a fundamental element in the olive grove to fix these gases, as well as to preserve the native biodiversity of the area.



Thanks to the different sustainable practices that we carry out in our olive grove, such as the preservation of the vegetal cover that we are mentioning, as well as the use of compost as a natural fertilizer, the use of the remains of pruning as biomass for the production of clean energy, the optimization of the hydric resources, the ceasing of the use of herbicides and consequently the reduction of the use of the tractor… with all these actions we have been able to reduce year after year our emission of greenhouse gases, thus controlling our Carbon Footprint.

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