One of our purposes and main objectives is to continue with the environmental action of Reforestation in our olive grove, respecting respecting and promoting the autochthonous flora of the area. By restoring and rise the arboreal cover, the fertility of the ground increase and retend the humidity, structure and nutrient content. As a result, improving the harvest and therefore, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Over seven years ago we started our Reforestation Plan and we already have more than 400 holm oaks, many hundreds of cypresses and around 300 walnut our olive grove. With this we pretend to continue in our fight against climate change, regulating the atmospheric temperature and reducing greenhouse gases that are so harmful to the planet. Our solid commitment to unite the extreme quality of our oils with practices that safeguard the environment made the Carbon Footprint Certification and the Water Footprint Certification already a fact.

Besides,  thanks to our Reforestation Plan, among other measures, we achieved the reduction of 30% of greenhouse gases already. One year before starting our Plan, the auditing company Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in the production of one bottle of our EVOO. Now, we are capable of controlling our Carbon Footprint and we are committed to reduce this amount every year. We have thus started a series of measures, such as the use of compost as a natural fertilizer, the use of pruning waste as biomass used in the clean generation of electricity and the already mentioned Reforestation Plan.

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