We are committed to various actions to improve our environment sustainability. Spain is the European country that has more species of birds, therefore, our goal is and will be to preserve and promote this biodiversity.

The extinction of traditional livestock and agricultural techniques, replacing them with other industrial ones; abusive fishing, massive urbanization… etc. caused the increase of the number of threatened species.

In our olive grove we have developed projects through which we promote biodiversity and thus contribute to sustainable growth. Some examples are:

  • The implantation of nests for owls or bats, is one of the techniques that we use to introduce these species in the area, thanks to the ecosystem in which they are involved is possible to grow and reproduce in a fruitful way.
  • We cover the cables of the electrical network, that passes through our olive groves, with insulating protection, in order to protect the birds that rest on them.

These actions not only protect and promote the biodiversity of our species, but also preserve the native species of the region, something necessary for the ecosystem to continue evolving in a sustainable manner throughout the planet.

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