As you know, sustainability is essential and an important part of our philosophy, therefore we work with Precision Agriculture, which allows us to know the state of each of our olive trees and their requirements regularly.

In this way, we know their real and daily hydration needs, not only at the time of harvest, but also throughout the year. Thanks to our drip irrigation system, and with our chemical and agronomy experts, we irrigate exclusively in the necessary quantities, not wasting a drop of this scarce resource.

For us, it is very important to know the state of each olive trees, in order to be able to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the maximum quality in a sustainable way, for that reason, the optimization of our resources is fundamental. A few years ago we implemented stations to our olive grove environmental control. These stations evaluate:

Climate forecast METEOGRID (wind speed, rainfall, temperatures…)
– Soil (with sounds to humidity)
– State of the plant
– Field (growth of sprouts, fertile flowers…)

All these controls allow us to know serveral important factors in detail. For example, the physiological situation of the olive trees in our different Pagos, or also, when sustainable and natural fertilization and phytosanitary treatments could be required.

With this cientifical way of working, we commit ourselves every day to make the most of our olive groves, at the same time that we contribute to the environment, being more sustainable and with an abundant biodiversity.

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