Tag: Biodiversity

Sustainable olive grove and rich biodiversity

We truly believe in sustainability and biodiversity, which are part of our brand philosophy and are essential for the natural development and health of our ecosystem. Therefore, we daily take care of our olive grove and the different species that cohabit, both animals and plants. To this effect, as you know, we have several active projects whose goal is to…

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We are 100% Sustainable

As you know, fully respecting the environment is at the core of our company’s philosophy. This is why the environment and the biodiversity of our olive grove are of vital importance for us to be able to offer oils made from excellent olives, and painstaking care is given to each of the processes involved in the production of our extra…

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Betting on biodiversity

In our olive grove, we have numerous projects that support and improve the development of biodiversity, especially in the field of birds. We have developed the LIFE Project “Living Olive Groves”, with the collaboration of SEO-BirdLife, thanks to which we have installed nest boxes in our olive grove, to encourage the refuge and proliferation of bats. On the other hand,…

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