Sabores de Viana is our new collection of extra virgin olive oils infused with natural spices and essential oils from different plants, flowers and fruits. They will make you travel to the magical Courtyards of the Marquis of Vianas’ palaces. His palaces in Córdoba and Jaén, were two of his jewels.

Mr. José Saavedra, Marquis of Viana, was an entrepreneur and lover of innovation. Thanks to his research, the first law that regulated the quality of extra virgin olive oils was a reality in 1926. In addition, in the kitchen of his palaces, extra virgin olive oil was always combined with the aroma of the courtyards. That is the reason why we wanted to pay tribute once again to the figure of the Marquis, remembering his two passions: extra virgin olive oil and the aromas of his courtyards.

That is why we wanted to honour once again the figure of the Marquis by remembering his two passions: extra virgin olive oil and the aromas of his courtyards.

EL JARDIN (the Garden): Our extra virgin arbequina olive oil fused with natural essential oils of lemon, fennel and mint. Enjoy its freshness with seafood and cold dishes such as ceviche and even a margarita cocktail!!

The garden courtyard is the Palace’s authentic and historic green lung, home of some of Viana’s oldest vegetal species. The freshness of the garden, its exuberant nature and its delicious aromatic plants make time stand still in your dishes.

PATIO DE LA MADADAMA (La Madama courtyard): it’s an elegant and exotic olive oil created from our arbequino extra virgin olive oil infused with spices such as vanilla, cumin, cloves & grains of paradise. Enjoy it with chocolate, vegetable creams, legumes, hummus and grilled meats!

If you have visited the palace, you know that this is one of the most intimate and elegant patios of the Palace. It represents the taste for the exquisite, as the Marquis was. Take this elegant sensation home, and even more: directly to your palate with this olive oil infused with some of the most elegant spices of the time.

PATIO DE LOS NARANJOS (Orange trees’ courtyard): is an arbequina oil fused with essential oils of thyme, orange blossom and bitter orange, evoking citrus fragrances.  You can try it with fruit, vegetables, sweets and fish dishes.

In this courtyard, full of aromas and colors, an atmosphere of joy and prosperity is breathed. Highlights the leading role of water, as well as the different flowers and fruit trees that meke the visit a delight.

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