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Sardine, apple and blue cheese salad

INGREDIENTS 1 apple 1 tomato 1 mezclum bag 1 can of  sardines Blue cheese Palacio Marqués de Viana The Palace Blend EVOO PREPARATION First, cut the apple, the blue cheese and tomato into tiny pieces. Put the mezclum in a bowl and add the previous ingredients. To finish our dish, place some sardines on top and dress generously with The…

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Sea and montain coca with Patio de Viana Picual

INGREDIENTS Beef sirloin steak Smoked Eel 8 dough won ton *For the seasoning: Patio de Viana Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil Parsley Capers Burnoise Shallot Tabasco sauce PREPARATION Preheat the oven with 180 º, cut the daugh won ton in small circles and oven it for 5-6 minutes between baking trays and leave it. Meanwhile prepare the seasoning, start by…

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Lemon Muffins with The Palace Blend EVOO

INGREDIENTS 3 eggs 200 g. of flour 125 g. of sugar 50 ml. of milk 1 lemon 100 ml. of Palacio Marques de Viana: The Palace Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ yeast packet PREPARATION First, preheat the oven to Fº 302 In a large bowl, beat the eggs with encircling movements, until our dough becomes spongy. Add the sugar…

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