Tag: autumn harvest

Pumpkin and asparagus risotto

INGREDIENTS 2 PAX 100g rice 1 onion 500g de squash pumpkin 500ml vegetal broth Green asparagus Rosemary & salt EVOO Patio de Viana Arbequina PREPARATION Peel and cut the onion and the squash pumpkin. We grind with the help of a food processor, for a few seconds (we do not want it to crush too much). We put in a…

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Patio de Viana EVOO, Autumn Harvest

Our Patio de Viana extra virgin olive oils are single-varietals of what we have called “Autumn Harvest” and which we make from the best olives that grow in our olive grove (Arbequina & Picual varietals). Our experts in agronomy and quality closely follow the evolution of our olive trees throughout the year, thanks to the Precision Agriculture we practice. To…

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Sea and montain coca with Patio de Viana Picual

INGREDIENTS Beef sirloin steak Smoked Eel 8 dough won ton *For the seasoning: Patio de Viana Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil Parsley Capers Burnoise Shallot Tabasco sauce PREPARATION Preheat the oven with 180 º, cut the daugh won ton in small circles and oven it for 5-6 minutes between baking trays and leave it. Meanwhile prepare the seasoning, start by…

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