Our Patio de Viana extra virgin olive oils are single-varietals of what we have called “Autumn Harvest” and which we make from the best olives that grow in our olive grove (Arbequina & Picual varietals).

Our experts in agronomy and quality closely follow the evolution of our olive trees throughout the year, thanks to the Precision Agriculture we practice. To create our EVOO Patio de Viana, we let nature speak and express the sweetness and delicacy of the different varietals. So we harvest our olives a little bit later than for our renowned “Early Harvest Palacio Marqués de Viana” extra virgin olive oils. Althouth the moment of harvesting is different between both types of harvests(Early and Autumn), the qulity applied during every step during the process is the same: the maximum care with the most advanced technology. So, we innovate in methodology and concept: the Autumn Harvest has been born and we value it.

Patio de Viana Picual is the perfect example of the fragrant personality of our renowned Picual variety. For its part, Patio de Viana Arbequina responds to a sweet, fluid and light profile. Both EVOOs, very versatile for your kitchen, highlight the delicacy of the tasting notes of slightly more mature olives.

You will love them!


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