Within our integrated and sustainable production agriculture, the energy is something we care about and we try to make it as green as possible to contribute to the sustainability of the planet

In our olive grove we have a photovoltaic system that generates enough clean energy to drive and pump the irrigation system of our olive grove. We have 3 sheets of    100 Kw each to self-supply the exploitation with electric energy and, in fact, we generate more energy than we consume!

Solar power is an energy source with no polluting emissions, which helps us control our carbon footprint everyday. Our sustainable commitment is to reduce our emissions of CO2 (we have the certification of our Carbon Footprint), and for it, besides these solar panels. We take care of the vegetal cover of our olive grove, that preserves the native herbaceous vegetation diminishing this CO2 and helping to fix the oxygen; and we use the rest of pruning like biomass, this is, nonpolluting ecological fuel

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