At Palacio Marques de Viana we produce our extra virgin olive oils under the most advanced technology and the most respectful environmental practices, where innovation and protection of our ecosystem is combined.
In this sense, we have numerous certifications that demonstrate our commitment to the environment and evolve promoting sustainable growth.  Within the certifications, we highlight:

Integrated Produccion:refers to farming or production systems which handle, transform or manufacture raw materials by using natural resources and mechanisms to the highest extent possible to ensure sustainable farming. It calls for biological and chemical methods of control, as well as other techniques compatible with social demand, protecting the environment, and agricultural productivity.


IFS (International Food Standard): is a quality and food safety standard for retailer branded food products that was developed by the associated members of the German Retail Federation, Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE), and by its French counterpart, Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution (FCD). Their main goals are: To establish a common standard with a uniform evaluation system, to work with approved certification bodies and qualified auditors that have been approved by the IFS, to ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain and to reduce costs and time for both suppliers and retailers.


ISO 9001 certification: Quality Management System: is a quality management system. This standard applies to the processes of our organization that have an impact on quality and emphasizes continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Certificación British Retail Consortium (BRC): is the Global Food Safety Standard that was developed to specify the necessary safety, quality and performance criteria to be met by companies engaged in the manufacture of food products in order for them to meet their obligations in terms of compliance with legislation and consumer protection


We also have other certifications more specific:

Water Footprint: it was obtained thanks to the water resources optimization that leads in energy savings.

CO2: We are able to control our carbon footprint and, in addition, we commit ourselves year after year, to reduce our greenhouse emission in the atmosphere. We are accomplishing it, in recent years we have reduced it by almost 30%.


SEO Birdlife: to reinforce our commitment to sustainability, we have signed an agreement with SEO/BirdLife for the conservation of biodiversity. With this agreement, we have implemented several actions to ensure that our fields are home to a larger quantity and species of wildlife. This is one of our objectives to conserve the biodiversity of the area..

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