Tag: Biodiversity

Sustainable olive grove and rich biodiversity

We truly believe in sustainability and biodiversity, which are part of our brand philosophy and are essential for the natural development and health of our ecosystem. Therefore, we daily take care of our olive grove and the different species that cohabit, both animals and plants. To this effect, as you know, we have several active projects whose goal is to…

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At Palacio Marques de Viana we produce our extra virgin olive oils under the most advanced technology and the most respectful environmental practices, where innovation and protection of our ecosystem is combined. In this sense, we have numerous certifications that demonstrate our commitment to the environment and evolve promoting sustainable growth.  Within the certifications, we highlight: Integrated Produccion: refers to farming…

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Maintain and Promote Biodiversity in the Region

We are committed to various actions to improve our environment sustainability. Spain is the European country that has more species of birds, therefore, our goal is and will be to preserve and promote this biodiversity. The extinction of traditional livestock and agricultural techniques, replacing them with other industrial ones; abusive fishing, massive urbanization… etc. caused the increase of the number…

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