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Grilled asparagus with our Sublime EVOO

Ingredients Asparragus Salt and pepper to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend Sublime Palace Marques de Viana Preparation Heat the pan and pour a little  Blend Sublime Palacio Marques de Viana extra virgin olive oil. Then brown the asparagus as more as you like. Pour salt and pepper and finish with Blend Sublime Palacio Marques de Viana EVOO Fast and easy!

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Salmon tartar with cava and Palacio de Marqués de Viana Sublime Blend EVOO

INGREDIENTS 500g fresh salmon 1 avocado 5 sweet gherkins 50ml cava sparkling wine Black pepper Fresh chives Sublime Blend EVOO INSTRUCTIONS Peel and dice the avocado. Also dice the gherkins and the salmon. Mix the cava with the fresh chives, some freshly ground black pepper, and our Sublime Blend extra-virgin olive oil. Mix all the ingredients and allow to rest…

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